The complicity of Jakk

The beauty of finding such a great model as Jakk lays in the complicity that I, as a photographer, have been able to build with him. He knows how to pose, how to give that seductive look to my camera that makes others melt. It's quite common to hear sighs from my friends every time I post a photo of him.

Of course, he is a beautiful man. Let's make that clear. But what makes him a beautiful soul is his intelligence, his consistency, his willingness to be better every single day... and of course, those 1100+ consecutive days in the gym that, not only is working in favour of his body, but of his mind as well.

This is the third time I work with Jakk in three years and it's our best session to the date. Can't wait to next summer to make our paths cross again and create our own particular magic.

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"Having collaborated with Oihana more than once I am always impressed by her ability to be able to adapt her skill set to new environments and develop creative concepts for our shoots. She is not only the type of photographer who is willing to go the extra mile both before, during and after the shoot to ensure that we get the best results possible but perhaps most importantly for the person in front of the lens her demeanour and personality puts me at ease enabling me to constantly put my best foot forward. That connection is obviously incredibly important and manifests in the photos that are created and in as much not only can I vouch for her expertise and professionalism but also for her ability to read the room and subsequently guide the shoot forwards in the best possible way."

Jakk Gerard