Hello! I am Oihana Barato,
portrait photographer

And I am looking for you

Let me tell you a story

My love for photography began when my dad bought his own SRL analog camera. A heavy and rudimentary Nikon that I still keep lovingly safe. It brings me a lot of good memories of all the trips that we used to make around Europe by car and sleeping on a tent trailer for weeks. It was fun. All those photos are still stored somewhere in my mum’s house.

I also used to have a special sensitivity for art. I used to paint and museums were a go-to every time I had a chance. There are paintings that can keep me captivated for hours, like Rubben’s Samson and Delilah: the light, the details, the story behind the paint strokes, and the the artist's special footprint.

About 10 years ago, I bought my first DSRL camera and that’s when I fell in love with photography. Suddenly it all made sense..


I have a gift

A gift that I have to honour and that’s why I am here. I don’t just capture a face but I also capture the soul beneath the face, those micro expressions that so much say about a person, the story behind those sparkling eyes and that cheeky smile…

My photography covers three areas: branding, portraits and boudoir. Each of them require a different mindset and sensitive touch..

I am looking for those beautiful souls who want to give an extra boost to their self-confidence, those who want to step up in their businesses through their image and personal branding, those who want to build memories and those looking to give a special gift to their love ones.

Do you know anyone?