I am Oihana Barato, Portrait Photographer

London, United Kingdom

Creating magic, together

A good friend of mine said this about my photos: “You don’t capture faces, you capture souls”. And I guess something magical happens when I press the shutter in my camera. In that moment, I have the most beautiful individual in front of me and I am able to bring out the best of them.

It is a process. Every single one of my clients has come to the session nervous and somehow intimidated. I’ve heard it all: “I am not a model“; “I don’t know how to pose“; “I have put on weight, sorry!“; and a long etc. My answer is always the same: “Don’t you worry about any of that. Let all your thoughts and judgements go and trust the process“. When they open their mind and follow my instructions everything flows, and the magic happens.

I am not a technical photographer. I don’t spend long awkward moments trying to have all the settings perfectly defined before I shoot. Instead, I care about the woman or the man that I have in front of me. I care about making them feel comfortable, sexy, beautiful, important,… so they can give me the best and therefore, I can offer them the best service as well.

My aim is to make you fall in love with the person you’ll see in the photos that we are going to create together. You’re not in this alone, I will be with you the whole journey, we’ll design the session together, I direct you on the poses and, in the end, you’ll find yourself looking at a fabulous individual that you won’t recognize, but we all see when we look at you. And your story will be told. Are you ready?

Oihana is such a rare gem that has brightened the lives of those that she has touched. Thank you for being part of my journey “

Diana, London 2021

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