Celebrate yourself

Timeless photography

A portrait is timeless, so is beauty. A portrait can travel through generations. Picture your great grandchildren looking at old photos and finding the folio box full of magical captures that you once decided to do with me. Isn’t that precious?

Now picture yourself looking all fabulous (as if you weren’t fabolous already) whether that’s glamorously dressed or in casual attire, it doesn’t really matter; with your hair and make up professionally done for the occasion and following my direction. Your soul is thriving and you can’t stop smiling!

Show up and the world will see you

This is the beginning of the new you. Forget the image you had about yourself before coming to this photoshoot because once you see what we’ve created, you will not recognise the woman on those images. And every time you need an extra boost of confidence, you only have to look at the photos and feel amazing again.

Show up and the world will see you“, someone told me once. And this experience summarise it exactly like that. I am here to help you accept your inner and outer beauty. The beauty we sometimes find hard to appreciate when we look at our reflection in the mirror. The beauty that everybody but us sees. Let me help you rediscovering yourself from the inside out. Let me help you come back home to you. Ready?

Thank you Oihana for making me see my inner & outer beauty and helping me on my journey to self-love.”

Marie, London 2021

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