Boudoir is the ultimate self-love experience

But… what is boudoir?

According to official descriptions, boudoir is a woman’s private sitting room or bedroom. In photography, boudoir refers to intimate portraits of individuals with very few or non clothes on.

From my point of view, boudoir is one of the definition of self love. It’s an extreme boost of self confidence that explodes right inside a person’s chest. The only way to feel it is to be brave enough to experience it.

Boudoir with me

I love taking women (and men) to that place where they can feel completely free. Where, they not only expose their bodies naked, or half-naked, in front of the camera, but they are also with their souls wide open. What can describe vulnerability better than this?

Because vulnerability is the ultimate courage demonstration. So what if I tell you that “self love is the greatest middle finger of all”? Shall we create some beautiful, sexy images together?

What Oihana was able to unlock in me I’m going to cherish forever. She made me fall in love with myself.”

Tonia, London 2020

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