Who do you want to be photographed with?

Together better than alone

Sometimes a photography session in twos (or threes) is way better and funnier than doing it alone. Think about who you would love to be photographed with? Who would you like to store memories forever with? That’s the person you should bring to our session.

Love is in the air

The couples that have been photographed with me always make the same comment: “We would have never photographed ourselves the way you just did. These photos exude love. They tell our stories.” Because my work’s limit does not start in just having you two in front of my camera. I will tell you exactly how to put your hands, how to look at each other, how to feel you,… so when you see the photos they summon the love you have for each other.

Oihana’s demeanour and personality puts me at ease enabling me to constantly put my best foot forward. That connection is obviously incredibly important and manifests in the photos that are created.”

Jakk, London 2020

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